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I have coached hundreds of clients and families in reclaiming their health, vitality, weight goals and body confidence.




Hi Beautiful Mama.

Are you a Mama that’s…

Struggling in a vicious dieting cycle & body negativity I can totally relate…..

As a teen I struggled with my body image and had the belief ‘I am fat’, I  wanted to fit a certain ideal and was heavily influenced by societies so called ‘norms’. I tried extreme restrictive eating, fasting which did not leave me feeling healthy and well. It was an obsession to fit a certain body type, this was not a healthy way to be. It was only when I studied Nutritional Science at University, that I began to truly understand the true value of nutrients, bodily systems and well-being.

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In recent years I have embarked on a journey of self development, having been through phases of anxiety, burnout and postpartum depression. I wanted the toolkit to help me change my thinking and to be ‘the old me’, what I really needed was to discover ‘the new me’ and gain the toolkit to help me evolve as a person; to change my ‘wiring’, from ‘stressed, burnout, people pleaser Mum’, who put everyone else before herself, I’m sure you can relate. To emotionally and physically balanced Mum, who takes care of her needs and desires first and this was where my self-love journey started. I wanted to be a emotionally regulated flourishing Mama, leading life with purpose on purpose. I decided to invest in myself in quality mentorship and coaching qualifications and my life changed forever….

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Certifications & Accreditations

My background is in health, well-being and nutrition coaching. Public health, Occupational well-being and Teaching over nine years. I am a licensed Personal Evolutionary Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Coach as well as Master Hypnotherapist, Time-Line-Therapist with the American board of NLP and Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition.

I have created my signature 8 Week Program Healthy Shape Confidence Accelerator Program. Where I have included proven evidence based techniques and science based solutions to building long lasting healthy weight goals. The healthy body weight-shape (weight loss or weight gain) and positive body image you deserve. 

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Using proven hypnotherapy techniques, NLP techniques, vitality challenge (to detox the body), nutritional guidance and support. My 3 step Method involves 

Step 1: Discovering why you weigh what you do, and uncovering your subconscious beliefs around your health, body and life. 

Step 2: Resolving your reasons for excess weight or under-weight, clearing old emotions and improving your body image. 

Step 3: Enjoy your body and health you want for life, for the mind, the body and soul. To be your absolute best, most healthiest and body confident self.


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I Work With You to Create a Custom Nutrition Plan

Setting reachable health goals and building client confidence in nutrition and body image to enable successful weight management and optimal health results.


My mission is to make a difference to millions of lives

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Feel Serene Sublime Nourished

in Mind & Body

Positive self-image & body confident with modesty

This is for the Modest elegant Muslimah woman/mum

I myself am not skinny and consider myself a healthy lady. I’m neither skinny nor fat. I don’t advocate skinny, bulking or following unhealthy standards.

Instead, I advocate to be the best healthy weight for YOU, your health, not for someone or to meet society’s standards, your purpose is to reduce weight has to be just for YOU, that keeps you body positive, emotionally balanced and strong.


“Sabrina is a passionate advocate for healthy mindset and relationship with our body.”



Working with Sabrina as a health mindset coach has been transformative in the way I speak to myself about my weight and body. She helped me see how my relationship with food and self talk impacted my weight and wellbeing. Sabrina exudes queen energy and sets the bar high gently and consistently.

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She shows impeccable confidence and character that inspires one to take the higher road in self care and healthy weight management. It’s been a delight working with her!

Sabrina is a passionate advocate for healthy mindset and relationship with our body. She coaches women to have a positive attitude and maintain a vitality focused lifestyle. I recommend anyone wanting a healthy and positive transformation with their health to try her coaching sessions!

I have found the WhatsApp Community chat very helpful in bringing more of a positive outlook in my life. It helps when your messages pop up and causes me to rethink, especially when i’m having a bad day.