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Struggling with your relationship with your Body and Food? It’s time to build a peaceful & confident relationship with food and your body!

It is finally time to cultivate compassion and body confidence for yourself.  To heal from past pain and trauma and become emotionally regulated. To reverse unhealthy eating habits and build a peaceful and confident relationship with food. To learn and implement optimal wellbeing practices, positive self-care, physical health, emotional wellness and happiness.


Are you a Mum that’s overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out. Are you struggling with your health, wellbeing and weight?


Has motherhood taken over your life and you no longer feel like YOU? Have you forgotten what it feels like to feel energetic in your body running after the kids?


Have you experienced a highly emotional event in your life, such as loss of a loved one, loss of a job, financial loss, a bad divorce and you have stopped feeling like you?


If you are a Mum who is struggling with weight gain, tired of failed fad diets, or a negative body image, you know that there is a way to accomplish a healthy weight and positive body image for life but not sure how?


Or you may be underweight and struggling with body dysmorphia and want to build your esteem, body positivity and a healthy weight?


Are you struggling with knowing how to truly nourish your body for optimal wellbeing and your best body?

Reclaim your health wellbeing and body confidence


Hi, I’m Sabrina

I’m Sabrina Moied, Well-being & Body Confidence Coach. My expertise is in health, wellbeing and nutrition coaching. I have a huge passion for coaching Mum’s to re-engineer their mind and body to accomplish their best healthy body shape and food freedom. To enjoy their new energy, body confidence and life.


Sabrina Moied

Nutritionist | Body Confidence | Mindset Coach


“Being coached by Sabrina has been incredibly empowering and transformational”



Sabrina has offered me a very holistic approach to being coached, this has included lifestyle and practical advice, advice on Islamic spirituality which is really important to me and changing subconscious programming. Sabrina is the full package.

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When I came to Sabrina I was incredibly fearful, powerless, and unaware of personal triggers and how to manage and overcome them. Sabrina is very skilled in using language consciously to help me to get the results I wanted and in guiding me and advising me in how I speak to myself too. Initially, I said to Sabrina “I have no good days” and I was letting symptoms and my own thoughts ‘control me.’ Even 1 session with Sabrina led to a huge change in how I speak to myself, and the words I consciously use with myself. I now have many many great days now thanks to Sabrina. I have been confidently speaking to others, attending events at my son’s school that I was avoiding and even taking steps to work again. Sabrina is very intuitive, experienced knowledgeable and incredibly empathetic

What I offer

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We discover if we are a right fit, if so this is where we deep dive to discover what your targets are and create a roadmap to accomplish this.

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I provide 1:1 coaching

My Coaching packages vary depending on your specific targets, health and life goals. You get to choose the plan that’s best for you.

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Once you are on board you will join the community of Muslims like minded sisters to participate in Vitality & Wellbeing challenges to stay motivated in your new health changes, mindset practices and lifestyle changes.

Transform your life with body positive coaching

3 Steps for the Mind

1. Uncover the beliefs & emotions that prevent you from accomplishing a healthy weight. These are in your unconscious mind, which you aren’t aware of during day-to-day life.

2. Clear old emotions to improve body image. We explore beliefs that shape your body and shape your life. We update your mind for an empowering belief system.

3. Learning how to nourish yourself through the ‘seasons’, ‘cycles’ of life. Maintaining your power & well-being, so you know how to navigate those ‘not so good days’ and ‘challenging times’, without the need to ‘eat your emotions’.

3 Steps for the Body

1. Discovering the root cause of health or weight issue. Find out what Body type are you? What a healthy weight/shape is for you.

2. Understanding how your body functions and the nutrient needs for health, vitality and longevity. Healthy weight and maintenance.

3. Cultivating momentum maximising nutrients, healthy thoughts and actions. You would have achieved some healthy sustainable weight loss/or healthy gain. And remember even if your target hasn’t accomplished this method is designed for sustainable health and lifestyle change. You have to keep up with the method and momentum.

3 simple steps to

Working with me as your personal Well-being and Body Confidence Coach & Expert. Discover the New You!


1. Book a Discovery Call

2. Deep Dive & create a roadmap personalised to you

3. Start your 1.1 coaching sessions and plan to discover the New You!


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